Why buy second hand ?

Buying second hand is just to get objects, items that have been bought and/or used by a third person. You can find everything in second hand: clothes, books, furniture, household appliances, ... As much as others like these objects, there are some who are reluctant to buy and sell. Discover in this article, the reasons why to buy second hand.

It is economic

Second hand items allow many people to have the ability to afford goods that they do not have the ability to buy new. Moreover, second-hand items are often rare and of better quality than new. There are stores, quality stores especially set up for second hand objects and items like eRowzFinder.

It is ecological

By buying second hand, you reuse a piece of clothing, an object or a device from another person. You prevent these items from becoming waste and polluting the planet. Moreover, when an object is used for a long time, its ecological footprint decreases. Indeed, you also reduce the demand for the production of new objects. This allows a saving of resources, i.e. the raw materials and energy needed to manufacture these objects.

It's solidarity

The fact of collecting objects or articles, repairing them and reselling them in second hand allows to create employment. It also allows the training of people in difficulty and their professional reintegration. There are social economy stores that ensure the recovery and also the revalorization of these various products. The income made from this activity allows the financing of some social projects as for example: the training of the people who are little qualified, the social restaurants, etc.

It is trendy

Many people say that fashion is an eternal restart. Thanks to the second hand items, you can find clothes and gadgets that become trendy again. There are some social economy stores that even refurbish some furniture to bring it back into fashion. This results in unique objects that you won't find anywhere else.