What should I know about solar pool heating systems ?

Seasonal variations are one of the reasons why your pool will not be enjoyable at all times. For this, there are ways to heat the water according to your preferences. In the following article, you will find a definition of a solar heating system and the means to set it up.

What is a solar heating system ?

The solar heating system is an assembly of solar thermal collectors that is powered by solar energy. If you want to get more clarification on these devices, then you can continue reading this. In fact, solar heating uses the heat transmitted by the sun to heat the pool water by means of a pump.
Generally, there are different types of devices. The removable solar heating systems are in the form of flexible mats and as their name indicates, can be moved at will. But also, there are solar heating systems in the form of rigid and fixed panels.
As far as heating is concerned, the pool water is drawn into pipes that ensure that it is heated before it returns. As a result, the pool water can become pleasant no matter what the weather is like.

How to install a solar pool heater ?

Solar mats are movable and can be installed around the pool. However, the distance between the solar heater and the pool must be small to prevent heat loss. However, the installation of these mats should not be done lightly to avoid danger. On the other hand, fixed solar thermal panels can be installed on the roof, whether it is the one of your house or the one of the pool cover. The main thing is that they are high up.
In addition, the solar collectors should be positioned between the dirt trap and the discharge nozzle. In addition, the solar heating system must be well positioned to perform its role properly. Finally, it is better to choose a professional for the installation of your solar thermal heating system, in order to better enjoy the benefits it brings.