What do I need to know about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not only an innovative payment solution, but also a new way of dealing with money. Considered the forerunner of virtual currency, it has millions of followers around the world. Are you wondering why Bitcoin is so well known and used? Find out in this article.

Bitcoin: the oldest virtual currency

 Reputed to be the oldest virtual currency, Bitcoin is arguably the source of the crypto-currency story that only began with the launch of this currency. It is much easier buying bitcoin these days. And even today, its community created since then has never stopped growing. Indeed, Bitcoin was created to circulate a currency that is completely independent of banking and financial structures, as it is a currency that is managed online; thus reducing transaction costs.

The most stable crypto-currency 

 Bitcoin's pioneering status gives it significant stability. Moreover, its age is an important point in the large amount of traffic that is building up around the virtual currency every day, which is arguably becoming the most widely used in commerce. And it is also this stability that it knows that ensures its longevity. Indeed, in crypto-currencies, the increase in value of the coins is proportional to a very large and active user community. Today Bitcoin has become the most valuable virtual currency. It has risen considerably over the years.

A wallet for merchants

Similarly, Bitcoin acts as a wallet for many users. Indeed, as a more or less real currency, Bitcoin is also highly valued by many online trading platforms. Moreover, several studies tend to prove that in the coming years, crypto-currencies will displace real money and currencies. Like gold, it is likely that the Euro will become an investment instead of Bitcoin. This is obviously why all strata are attracted to the idea of investing in crypto-monies these days