What are the criteria for selecting a winter coat ?

It's winter. You are looking for a coat to keep you warm and you are wondering which one to choose among the different models that exist. Find out how to effectively choose your winter coat.

Choosing according to the size of the winter coat

Since this is a winter outfit, it is important to know how to choose the right size for you. This Home Page provides more details . Thus, the choice of the size is one of the most important criteria in the selection of a winter coat.
Indeed, a size that is too short for you will not be practical or comfortable enough. It is important that the choice of your coat fits you perfectly. People with short waists tend to be wary of coats that are too long. For a good compromise, a coat that comes down to just above the knee is what you need if you are under 5'10". For those over 5'5", a mid-calf length would suit you best. However, you can make a standard choice that might work for you without much hassle. The option here is the mid-thigh length coat. This one fits everyone regardless of their size.

Choose according to the quality of the material

The choice of a winter coat can quickly become a headache among the different types of models and colors that exist. However, it is necessary to feel comfortable and warm. For this, the quality of the material is an important criterion. Thus, as a material, you can opt for wool. It is a material made of natural fibers from the skin of a sheep. It is light and keeps you warm. It also allows to easily evacuate moisture due to perspiration.
Fur is also a material widely used for the manufacture of coats. However, its quality depends on the type of model. There are also down jackets from the category of down and feathers, which are also very good winter coats.