Our tips for creating a chatbot in Facebook-Messenger

In order to grow your business, it is very important that you seek to satisfy and address the concerns of your customers. Thus, creating a chatbot for your Facebook Messenger page will help you communicate with your customers. So how do you create one? Here are some tips are given by this article to help you.

Connect to your Facebook Messenger page.

A chatbot is a computer program that mimics human conversations and can be interacted with through a chatbot. You can come to this site to read this content for more information. Actually, creating a chatbot on your company's Facebook-Messenger page will help you have a good communication relationship with your customers. And creating your chatbot is not that complicated. You will just have to find a platform that can help you with the creation and then connect to it. Once logged in, you'll click on <<quick start >> and choose a page on which you plan to create your chatbot. This will link your Facebook page to the platform. You will then be presented with a dashboard on which you will find several templates containing predefined interactions for each area. Here you will have the opportunity to configure your bot very quickly. Once you have reached this stage, you can create your bot.

Now create a standalone message.

Here, you will have to update your newly created chatbot. If the platform you have chosen is in English, it is normal that you rewrite the welcome message that will interfere with your customers. Right after that, you can create a default response that can be activated when your Messenger chatbot cannot respond by itself. Make sure to translate all of this on a platform that is in English or another language that does not match your company's communication language. The update of your chatbot can be done in three steps; the building part that will help you to list your basic welcome message, the broadcast part that will help you to configure your regular notifications, and the configuration part that will propose options to your users. And above all, don't forget to test the proper functioning of your chatbot during its creation.