To the discover of cloud telephony

Cloud telephony is becoming more and more attractive. It is especially for companies. Indeed, cloud telephony is a business telephony platform based on voice over IP hosted by an operator. But what is it precisely? For which type of company is it? How does it work? Let's find out more in the following.

Cloud telephony technology : What Is it ?

A cloud telephony system is a telephone switchboard based on voice over IP (VoIP) whose infrastructure is hosted by an operator in the cloud. With this telephony solution, the IPBX is not hosted on your company's premises. Your service provider will, in fact, operate the telephone server in a data center. And to see more about Cloud Telephony, visit the website of “Aircall.”

Cloud technology offers companies the possibility to completely eliminate expensive hardware and unnecessary cabling. All that remains are the IP phones (which can themselves disappear with a soft phone application).

How does cloud telephony work ?

In concrete terms, the management and administration of your professional telephony is done via a web client. And of course, cloud telephony is an IP telephony system because the voice flows through the IP network.

Therefore, in order to function properly, you must have a good Internet connection, otherwise the quality of service will be seriously affected. For this reason, avoid consumer boxes and opt for professional broadband solutions (SDSL or optical fiber ideally), ideally equipped with a GTR.

What are the advantages of cloud telephony ?

The main advantage of choosing a cloud telephony system, rather than hosting your own within your company, is a reduction in the time and costs required to manage an IPBX. The analogy with email is relevant: would you rather subscribe to an outsourced service or develop your own email service?

If some large companies prefer the second solution, SMEs will definitely choose the first. Finally, unlike a dedicated phone system, cloud technology allows you to add as many users as you want.