Creating a chatbot on Facebook: the essentials to know

Having a Facebook page for your business is a safe and efficient way to get closer to the public and provide them with important information. If you already have it and now want to go further and fully gain the trust of your customers with 24/7 online customer service, know that you need a chatbot on Facebook. Discover here the elements necessary to know to create this tool.

Creating a chatbot on Facebook: here's what you need to know

To start creating your chatbot on Facebook, you need a number of tools like Botsify or Chatfuel, which allow you to be able to generate your own chat bot without the need for programming knowledge, discover it here. Besides the tools, there are terms to master to create your own chatbot. Indeed, a blockage is a constitution of one or more cards or messages which can be united in the same block so as to appear as a single response. This card can also acquire in its lower part a button that you will add in order to provide users with a pointing link or opening on new response blocks with more options.

Other things to know to create a chatbot on Facebook

It should be remembered that a text card has space for the message, buttons, quick responses. In addition, multiple images can be included in a carousel, thanks to a gallery of cards, each of which has a title, subtitle, URL and buttons or quick response. The latter is an additional card that offers information on how to access the instruction sequence in case the user is blocked in the process. In addition, a quick response and an image can be included in an image card.